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April 2, 2012
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After the doctor's, my mind was a haze. I was pregnant? I felt too shocked to take a taxi home; well too shocked to even go home. My mind seemed to be empty, the same words echoing again and again. Before, the thought that I might be pregnant made it seem so . . . not real. Now that I knew a final fact, I didn't know what to think!

Was I ready to have a child? I'm only 21! Would Gakupo be okay with this? Does he want a child? Would he still want me?

"You're only in your first trimester, merely 9 weeks into it, so there still is the possibility to abort it if requested. While we don't recommend it, I want you to know any choice you can make it, right now. Although in here, we only allow abortions until the 16th week or about 4 months into it. If you choose to abort your baby it will cost about $300-$800. You still have 5 weeks until that is no longer possible for you. I would go home and talk about it carefully with your partner if I were you. We suggest not rushing into it . . ." The doctor informed me.

Did I want to abort this baby? Suddenly I felt someone shove me from the side. I looked up at a startled young man. My shoulder bent back painfully and his weight knocked me to the ground. Subconsciously my hands felt its way to my stomach. The man bent down and pulled me up from under my armpits. I balanced myself glaring at him.

"Sorry about that Miss! You see my wife, she's going to labor at the hospital," He pointed off to the place I had just came from. "I was in a rush to get there and didn't watch what I was doing." He said grinning sheepishly. He looked truly happy. He must be thinking about the fact he would soon be a father. Would Gakupo feel like that? I sighed.

"It's alright. Get down there, you don't want to leave her waiting do you?" I asked. The man quickly bobbed down into a bow.

"Thank you Miss! Have a nice day!" And he was off running towards his destination. I started off towards the apartment. I could do this. I could be strong. I-I loved Gakupo . . . I would just have to trust him.

When I climbed up the stairs and opened the front door, the house was alive and quite loud. Rin and Gakupo were yelling at each other arguing about some penguin or maybe a band? Len sat at the couch staring off to space as music blasted through the speakers of the stereo. I felt all my profound courage melt away. I stomped towards the stereo and shut it off.

"Be quiet!" I screamed. "What are you doing? I was gone for only 2 hours and there's already chaos?" I yelled. Gakupo and Rin became silent and Len raised a brow at me.

"Oh, sorry, where are my oranges?" Rin chirped. My expression dropped.

"Oh, I uh forgot," I murmured. Rin put her hands on her hips making a tutting noise at me.

"Really?" Rin asked. I sighed.

"I'm uh, tired I'm going to bed," I groaned. Gakupo slid in front of me blocking my path. He narrowed his eyes putting his hands on my shoulders.

"Wait! You haven't eaten today, LaStupid Luka," He pointed out. I groaned.

"I'm not hungry."

"I don't care, you need to eat! You have to stay healthy, you know. I'm making pasta!" Gakupo said happily pointing to a pot in the kitchen. What I saw made me jump. The boiling water had boiled over sending bubbles of water onto the hot stove where they sizzled creating a large amount of steam and smoke.

"Gakupo!" I screamed. I felt my legs push me forward and into the kitchen. My hands got to work taking the hot pot off the burner, turning on the fan, opening a window and turning off the stove. I stared down at my shaking hands. Rin and Len stood frozen in the living room. Gakupo walked into the kitchen wrapping his arms around me from behind. His hands gently held my wrists as he led me to the sink. He turned on the cold water holding my burns there.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. I turned my head so I could see him slightly.

"What do you mean?" I asked, staring at him strangely. Moments like these are what confused me the most. He was silent, considerate, and so gentle. His eyes looked sad and he ran his thumb over the bone on my wrist.

"It's my fault you're hurt."

"No it's not-" He cut me off.

"I'm the stupid idiot who left the water unattended," I let that hang in the air.

"I know, but I don't care. It's not like it really hurts," I lied. Gakupo sighed and opened the fridge grabbing an ice pack. He turned off the cold water and placed the ice back on my burns.

"Really it's fine, I mean it doesn't hurt. It just looks bad," Gakupo shook his head.

"I don't care."

"I love you," I said softly.


"Okay, Rin let's go to bed right? It's been a long day!" Len exclaimed grabbing the girl's arm.

"Eh, why? What about dinner?" She asked glancing towards Gakupo and I.

"You're not hungry," Len said, giving Rin a look and discreetly gesturing towards me and Gakupo.

"Huh? Oh . . . Oh! Right! I am not, hungry. No, not at all. Good night!" Rin exclaimed stiffly as Len dragged her to her room while shaking his head.

"Luka-" Gakupo began. I spun around tossing the ice pack into the sink. This moment would be as good as any other. I felt the euphoria rushing through me. Impulse was the only thing acting up.

"I'm pregnant, Gakupo." Gakupo's head snapped back in surprise. His hand that had been coming towards me stopped frozen in place.

"What?" He asked. His eyes were wide and his eyebrows arched towards the ceiling.

"I-I'm pregnant! I realized the possibility a couple of days ago but my a- appointment was today. When I went there, the doctor told me it was true! I-I'm in the first trimester, only about 9 weeks in. T-They said there's still the possibility of an a-a-abortion. They said it's available until the 16th week." I didn't realize how afraid I was to hear his response. The words kept rolling off my tongue. I hadn't realized how much I was shaking until his steady hand gripped mine.



"Why, would I want that? Why would I want you to kill your, no our, baby? I'm happy Luka. I'm really happy! I love you. I love you on your lazy days, cranky days, and sad snotty day's! I'll love you with a baby inside you. My baby." He smiled and I felt my knees go lax. I slid to the floor with his support. We sat on the tile floor in silence for a moment. His other hand went to caress my stomach.

"Our child," He whispered. "I would never think of turning away something so precious. I want to keep he or she, well that is if it's okay with you?" He asked panicking at the slight possibility I didn't want this child. I let out a shaky laugh as a tear trailed down my cheek that glistened in the light.

"Of course I want it! Of course," Gakupo leaned forward pressing a gentle kiss on my cheek that left me with happy inside.

"It? That makes our baby seem so un-human." Gakupo laughed.

"Don't be stupid. Of course it's human, that is unless you're hiding something from me?" I joked weakly. He smiled. Gakupo took his hand off his stomach and then removed his other hand from my stomach. He cleared his throat while he straightened his posture.

"Um," His hand went to his back pocket as he pulled out a small velvet box. He opened it and showed me the inside. A slender silver ring that adorned two diamonds with a small ruby in between glistened up at me. I gasped at its beauty. "Luka Megurine, will you marry me?" He asked. I laughed as a sob caught in my throat. Although the tears weren't of sadness, just joy. Pure blissful joy.

"Y-Yes, of course!" I exclaimed. Gakupo gently slid the ring on my finger.

"To tell the truth I bought this ring about 2 months ago. I was too afraid you would say no. I thought it would be a good time right now." he said, putting his hand against my cheek.

"I wouldn't have said no." I said smiling at him. He laughed.

"Now isn't this a great story to tell our child. Why yes child, I proposed to your mother on the kitchen floor right after I found out about you." He sighed caressing my cheek as he buried his hand in my tumbles of pink hair.

"It's a wonderful story," I joked back. He kissed me softly on the temple.

"We'll create a wonderful family. But best of all I'll always get to be with you, till death do we part." he whispered.

"We haven't gotten married yet." I groaned. But once again I couldn't get the smile off my face.
Well I hope you like this! I am supposed to be writing a magnet fanfiction right now but I decided to finish this instead :) Please comment on any constructive criticism or well; anything! Thanks in advanced for all the faves! (there's always to many of you to go to and thank ^^; )

I told myself, "Nah, you don't need a part 2! Let's leave this as a cliffhanger random LukaXGakupo drabble" but nooo! Look at this. I did it again! I made a part 2 O.O!

But oh well that's fine with me! This was enjoyable to write :star: Special thanks to those of you who commanded a part 2! :star:

Well of course like always I have to say this . . . I have commissions open!

Well I'm not planning on making a part 3 ;P well okay maybe, it depends on you, the readers!

:bulletred: And of course; I apologize for spelling/grammar mistakes. It's a miracle it's readable :D This is why I write, not edit! I still have much to learn, I'm only 13 (not like that's much of an excuse in the writers world) and I sadly have no writing experience besides these little fanfictions on here! Thanks for dealing with it!

Edit Again thank you SO much ~l156a21 For editing this! You did a great job!
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